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Would you like to increase your technical skill set, attract high paying clients, wow your current clients, and have an actionable roadmap to making great money behind the chair? 

Hi! My name is Krista and I’m Canada’s Leading Curly Hair Specialist. I’ve traveled the world honing my craft and have worked exclusively with curly clients since 2013; thousands of cuts, styles, and consultations have made me a master in my craft. I’ve been able to generate a six figure salon business working only part time behind the chair with a waiting list of truly amazing clients who value me and pay for my services without a second thought; which is at least 5x’s the price of an average haircut in my city. I take off an average of 2-3 months per year and have the flexibility to be home when my family needs me, with the hours that work for ME, and the paycheck of someone who would normally work 40-60 hours per week behind the chair with only 2 weeks off a year. How do I do it? Read on!

We all know that to really advance in our industry we have to have access to stellar education.  That stellar education comes at a cost. A cost that can be prohibitive to many stylists. Let’s break down an average “game changer” class (one that will Increase your skills so that you’ll see a noticeable bump in your income)

  • Average $1000 for the class
  • $600 for flight
  • $100 Uber fees
  • $350 hotel PER night x 2
  • $100 food/incidentals PER day x 3
  • $1000 (average) in lost income for travel/travel recovery days

= an average of $3700 in expenses

The AVERAGE cost to attend ONE game changer course is $3700!!!! Say what? 

Trust me, I know these numbers because I’ve spent this travelling for on education so many times!  I’m offering you FULL ACCESS to my knowledge base in a carefully crafted course that you have lifetime access to for less than 1/3 of what I paid for one class!

You can learn the techniques that helped create a six figure income for my family. 

You can watch my classes as many times as you want, not worry about taking notes frantically and missing something, not worry if you’re going to remember everything that was said or all the techniques that were shown, because you can reference it whenever you want or need to!  The value of that kind of education is priceless!

You can do it from the comfort of your own home, on your own time and schedule, learn at your own pace, ask questions, and learn even more in the private, stylist only online community I've created on Facebook.

If you're a stylist like me, you weren't taught about naturally curly hair in Cosmetology school.  You had to learn on the fly in your first real salon job. I felt fed to the wolves the first time I had a super curly haired client in my chair, because I had no clue how to style her hair! It was a mess.  Everything I've learned about curly hair has been outside of Cosmetology school.  I've travelled all over the US and Canada for education, but you won't have to buy a single plane ticket or hotel room, or take time off from behind the chair to get to educate yourself in the art of styling naturally curly hair.  You can do it from the comfort of your own home in your comfies, pour yourself a glass of wine (or make your favourite cup of tea) and educate yourself with this course on your own time.

The real added value is in the BONUS support group you'll gain exclusive access to, that accompanies this course and learn alongside other Hairstylists who know this kind of education has been lacking, but never knew where to find it.   It's a place for you to ask for clarification about styling clients, learn how to troubleshoot curly hair styling problems, and receive a certificate of course completion. The group will also be a place to learn about how to grow your business as a Hairstylist, specifically in the area of being a solopreneur and crafting the work/life balance you desire.  Watch Q&A videos that speak to hairstyling AND business.  

In this online course, you will get:

  • Instant access to 6 video tutorials
  • Beginner Guides for Wavy, Curly, and Super Curly hair
  • 71 page eBook
  • Wash Day Journal (If you're a stylist with naturally curly hair, you'll want to download it to track your own progress). 
  • BONUS 12 video tutorials with advanced techniques
  • BONUS content on growing your business in a specialty

You will learn the exact techniques and product application methods that I use in my salon that result in those gorgeous before/after photos you see me posting online!  This course will give you confidence to style your clients' wavy, curly, or super curly hair beautifully, every single day you're behind the chair!  Also, imagine giving clients the ability to style their own hair at home; you'll gain a client for life from educating them how to do it themselves. 

This course will help you level up your styling game in the textured hair arena.  It'll help you educate yourself so you can educate your clients on how to maintain their style at home, and allow you to earn more money behind the chair.  You'll be helping serve a population of individuals that have been without guidance for so long.  Over 65% of the worlds population has naturally curly hair, and if they knew how to style it they WOULD wear it natural. They just need someone to show them, and wouldn't you like that someone to be you?  Wouldn't you like to fill your books to bursting?

*There will be a Part 2 of this course that will be offered in future that WILL be a hands on cutting course in Kingston, ON.  The prerequisite courses are:

1) 'Style Your Curls With Confidence Course for Hairstylists'

2) Head Shape Matters Online Course which you can find at www.headshapematters.com

Join our community of Hairstylists who are so happy they invested in themselves and their business and are achieving growth in their professional life!  

xo Krista

* Hands-on course in Kingston, ON will be a separate cost from the 'Style Your Curls With Confidence' online course for Hairstylists listed above. Watch my social media and blog for course dates.


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