The Ultimate

Wavy Hair Guide

A step-by-step, actionable guide for your s'wavy and wavy hair. Includes answers to over 100 commonly asked questions, videos, downloadable documents, audio and an eBook . 


Wavy hair is one of the most difficult curl types to understand and master. It needs a lot of coaxing and support to reach its full potential. 

How can you tell if your hair is wavy? 

You have wavy hair if: 

  • You have to wonder if you have wavy or curly hair...
  • Your roots do not ringlet into a curl directly from the scalp, rather curls are more 's' shapes
  • Your roots are wavy (even if hair gets curlier toward the bottom)
  • When you straighten your hair it still has a puffy or frizzy appearance to it
  • You have to use anything to smooth your hair when blow drying your hair. ie/. brush or hot tools of any kind

Have you been feeling like this person lately?

 “I have so many questions I don’t know where to start! I am overwhelmed and need someone to take my hand and walk me through step-by-step. Everyone has such different routines and I feel lost as to what I should be doing. What is a co-wash? Should I be doing it? How do I get my hair to curl from the roots? What am I doing that might be hindering my curl potential?”  - Lynn

If any of this sounds familiar, 
'The Ultimate Wavy Hair Guide' was made for you! 

I have been noticing for years the amount of misinformation on the internet in general, and also circulating through wavy hair community. I created this guide as an answer to your questions and frustrations. I am consistently seeing people with s'wavy and wavy hair using products and routines that are meant for other hair types/curl patterns! This is where most of your frustration lies and I decided to create a step-by-step guide that contains EVERYTHING you need to know about working with your s'wavy and wavy hair.

This guide I created will help you: 

  • Reach your full wave potential
  • Achieve predictable wash days
  • Teach you how to get root lift and volume
  • Extend your hair for multiple days
  • Go step-by-step through a wash day routine
  • Refresh your waves with success
  • Know the best types of products and styling tips for wavy hair
  • Learn blowdrying and air drying tips
  • To use frizz to your advantage AND how to reduce it
  • Get the moisture - protein balance right


The Ultimate Wavy Hair Guide Includes:

  • A 2.5 hour video interactive presentation
  • Audio file (from the interactive presentation)
  • The Ultimate Wavy Hair eBook
  • PLUS these extra bonuses:
    • A 'Wash Day Journal' (print them out!)
    • A 'Beginners Guide to Wavy Hair' (a quick-start guide)
    • Video of my own FULL wash/styling/drying routine
  • PLUS I am giving you FREE access to my private curl community on Facebook, for all curl types, called the 'Curl Club'. Only those who have purchased online learning and in-person services from me are eligible to join! Here you can continue the wavy conversation with others who have the same hair as you!


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Jenna Podilchak

"Krista Leavitt's coaching. Holy Moly. Everything you want to know. I have been embracing my natural curls for 2.5 years now and I still had ah-ha moments. Many ah-ha moments. If I had this information at the beginning of my journey it would have blown my mind. So worth it."


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Asta Bubliene

"Thank you Krista Leavitt for the lesson/presentation! For everyone looking to purchase I have to say it's worth it, especially if you are starting out or need a reminder! I have been doing this for two years, but it was really good to get a reminder crash course to get back on track."

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Sally Prouty

"Krista’s course was an excellent investment. I can’t wait to put all the new information into practice. Krista cut through all the CG ‘noise’ out there and provided us with wavy hair specific information."

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Melissa Cousins

"This was absolutely invaluable information Krista Leavitt. Thank you soooooo much!!!"

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Nicole Elise

"Highly recommend!!! I learned so much. Best $ I have spent since I started wearing my hair naturally."

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Janice Ng

"Money well spent! Thanks Krista for sharing your wavy hair know how."


Who Am I? 

I'm Krista Leavitt, Canada’s leading Curl Specialist AND also a wavy haired girl.  I help women of all ages and curl types discover how to transform their unmanageable, frizzy hair into head-turning waves and curls.  I use a step-by-step process that gives wavy and curly girls the power to create a customized styling experience that works for them, day after day at home.


I am also the creator of the “Curls With Confidence” online course. Lovingly created for curly girls, with the intention of giving the same opportunity that I have shared with many of my clients in my salon.  I want you to love the hair you were born with, stop feeling overwhelmed by the internet advice, and learn all in one place how to work with your beautiful hair.   

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